Corrie viewers getting frustrated with Andy and Phelan Corrie plot, after it takes a weird turn

Is he really letting him go? Or is this a classic Phelan false move?

Just when you think you know where you are with the Phelan-Andy-we-thought-he-was-dead-but-actually-he’s-alive plot extravaganza, Corrie chucks a twist at you.

But viewers are getting a bit frustrated about where the whole thing is headed, after Friday’s night’s episodes saw Phelan’s plan to, er, just let Andy go.

Which seems like a tiny anti-climax given he’s been hiding Andy in a basement with rats for the last nine months.

Remind us never to go round for a cuppa at Phelan’s (Credit: ITV)

So, one of two things is happening here:

Either Phelan’s decided that now he’s all happy with his good-person daughter and Eileen as his wife, he doesn’t want them to know about the minor nine month kidnap he’s been up to and wants it over.

Or there’s another twist to come and things aren’t quite what they seem. With Phelan? NEVER.

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Either way, viewers are getting a tiny bit fatigued with the whole thing.


One took to Twitter to write: “Sorry #coronationstreet but this phelan/Andy storyline is far fetched”

Keeping your neighbour hostage for almost a year in a basement? What can you possibly mean, ‘far-fetched’?

Another said: “More so than anything, the villains in #corrie at the moment are just really irritating. KILL HIM OR DON’T PHELAN, I’VE GOT STUFF TO DO.”

A third wrote: “this wiv Phelan Andy is getting stupid and rather boring now”

And another said: “Bored of this phelan and Andy stuff”

Phelan now has a lovely life. Oh, except for that hostage he has to feed regularly (Credit: ITV)

The plot is set to take another turn – literally, off a motorway up via Cumbria probably – as Phelan takes Andy to Scotland on Monday, pretending to Eileen that he’s working.

Except obviously the van crashes – typical! Always the way when you’ve got your hostage in the back! – and Andy escapes.

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Will he leave and never return? Or will he head back to the cobbles to tell everyone exactly what Phelan has done to him and possibly give Steph a major snog?

We’re going to go with a solid option two, featuring a major reveal in the Rovers, obviously.

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