Corrie star snaps back at fans who criticised her “frumpy” wardrobe!

Life would be boring if we all dressed the same!

We love sassy Toyah Battersby in Corrie, but it seems there’s something about her the fans don’t all like – her clothes.

Georgia Taylor, who plays the newest landlady of the Rovers, has been getting a lot of stick on social media because of Toyah’s outfits.

One spoof account, named after Corrie legend Ken Barlow, even pointed out there was a distinct similarity between Toyah’s blouses and those worn by another Corrie icon, Betty Turpin.

“Toyah has found all Betty Turpin’s old clothes upstairs in t’Rovers,” he joked.

Georgia took the teasing in good humour – at first – but when viewers got a bit too sharp, she was quick to respond on behalf of her alter ego.

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“I must admit I wouldn’t be seen dead in those outfits,” one Twitter user wrote. “Someone in the wardrobe department really doesn’t like you.”

But Georgia responded: “I actually have a say in creating Toyah’s ‘look’. Love that she has individuality. It’d be boring if we all dressed the same.”

Lots of fans waded in to defend Toyah’s outfits, pointing out that the character, who originally joined the show back in 1997, had always had her own quirky style.

And even Jane Danson, who plays Toyah’s on-screen sister Leanne, got involved, saying she found the comparison between Toyah and Betty funny.

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One fan asked if Toyah is Betty, what does that make Leanne? And posted a picture of legendary Corrie barmaid Bet Lynch. Much to Jane’s amusement – she simply responded with a row of laughing emojis!

Leave Toyah alone, eh?