Corrie SPOILER: Vicar Billy Mayhew’s killer past exposed

Someone has something big to confess

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Hold onto your dog collars because Coronation Street’s vicar, Billy Mayhew, is about to confess to killing Susan Barlow.

In scenes that will rock the cobbles in the run-up to Christmas, Daniel Brocklebank’s character will ‘fess up to killing Susan, who was thought to have died in a car accident on the motorway.

Cast your minds back if you will to 2001, when Susan was running away from Mike Baldwin with their son Adam after he’d discovered she hadn’t aborted their child and demanded access.

It all got a bit frantic (you were probably watching through your fingers) and she lost control of the wheel and was killed in the crash, which Adam survived.

But in the coming weeks, viewers will discover that man of the cloth Billy has been harbouring a deep, dark secret about the accident for all these years as he blubs to boyfriend Todd Grimshaw that HE caused her death.

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Expect tears (and possibly some snot) as Billy breaks down and admits his 16 long years of guilt of living alongside the heartbroken family, to Todd.

But what actually happened?

As Billy finally reveals all, Ken is left heartbroken and an angry Adam seeks revenge…

…and we all know he’s not one to mess with.

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It seems soaps have a penchant for re-writing history as the storyline has the whiff of a current Hollyoak’s plot where viewers discovered Milo Entwistle was behind the wheel of the truck that killed Gordon and Helen Cunningham over 13 years ago.

Expect Corrie’s storyline to get darker and more twisted in the run-up to the festive period. A nightmare before Christmas, some might say.

An insider told The Sun: “Billy is one of the nicest men on the Street, and fans see him as a mild-mannered voice of reason in amongst all the chaos.

“But in the coming weeks, fans will discover there is much more to Billy than previously thought – and he’s been harbouring a dark secret.

“For 16 years he’s been wracked with guilt by knowing that he killed Susan, and finally things come to a head as he reveals to Todd he caused the accident when she died.

“It’s heartbreaking for him, and he tells how he now has to suffer the agony of living alongside the family he caused so much pain to all those years ago.”