Corrie SPOILER: Robert suffers shock collapse

Will he confess his problems?

Robert Preston isn’t exactly renowned for making sensible decisions or making things easy for himself.

First of all, he tried to keep the fact that he had found a lump and was in pain secret from everyone, including his girlfriend Michelle.

And then, after being told he could have testicular cancer, he took himself off to a casino and promptly lost every penny he had.

A fact he – once again – decided not to share with his beloved. Despite the pair having the “no more secrets” chat at least once a week for the past six months.

While Michelle has been trying to book a holiday for them, he has desperately been trying to cover his tracks and keep his debts secret.

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And Robert is also still in denial over his health problems, refusing to discuss the operation or take things easy.

Burying his head in the sand, like the expert ostrich he is, he decides to return to work at the Bistro and gets back into the kitchen with Zeedan. But the pair argue when Robert orders cheap meat as he can’t afford the better quality stuff.

He’s clearly not up to working, but won’t listen to anyone’s advice.

And then things take a worrying and serious turn when he collapses at work – and Michelle is left terrified that she could lose him.

As they face the fact that his health problems could be much worse than they originally thought, Robert finally opens up.

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He confides in Michelle about his gambling problems – and that he has lost an incredible ten thousand pounds.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Robert’s health – and how Michelle reacts to his news and his lies.

These scenes air on ITV next Friday December 8th at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.