Corrie SPOILER: Nicola and the baby’s lives in danger

The pregnant social worker collapses and is rushed to hospital

Nicola Rubinstein and her unborn baby’s lives are both hanging in the balance in Coronation Street next week when she collapses in agony at home.

She’s at home by herself when she hears a noise upstairs and heads up to investigate.

But things take a bad turn when Nicola stumbles and falls down the stairs.

Nicola falls down the stairs (Credit: ITV)

Next door, Fiz hears the noise and rushes round. When she gets there she’s horrified to find Nicola lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs.

Eileen and Seb tend to Nicola while an ambulance is rushed out for her.

She needs to have an emergency c-section (Credit: ITV)

Will she and the baby be ok?

As she’s loaded into the back of the ambulance, Nicola starts suffering stomach pains and she needs to have an emergency c-section.

Gary Windass – who is on a Phelan finding mission in Wales – misses the birth of his new baby.

But will Nicola and the baby both survive?

If she does make it, she’ll need to brace herself for the news that her murdering dad is alive and well and living in a campsite in Wales.

Will she and the baby survive? (Credit: ITV)

Not only that but he’s been posing as a pregnant woman online in order to befriend Nicola and get information from her about Eileen.

Meanwhile Eileen has her own demons to face when she returns home to find number 11 being cleared out by two men.

Gary tracks Phelan down to Wales (Credit: ITV)

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They tell her the house clearance was ordered by a man called Pat who gave them a key.

Later, locked in the cab office by herself, Eileen gets a call on her mobile and answers it to hear Phelan’s voice!

The police tell her they have no reason to believe he’s still alive and Eileen convinces herself it’s Alya setting her up.

Boy, is she going to be in for a shock!

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