Corrie SPOILER: Kate and Rana’s passionate liaison turns to horror

There's terror in store for the secret lovers

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Kate and Rana’s steamy secret romance has already run into trouble thanks to Luke catching them half-naked and next week they’re interrupted again – by a masked intruder!

The horrifying break-in happens at the Bistro after a busy shift where Michelle deliberately – and secretly – breaks the credit-card machine, meaning all the customers have to pay in cash.

Later, after closing time, Kate and Rana are getting cosy in the quiet Bistro when their passion is interrupted by a masked intruder.

Kate and Rana are getting close in the Bistro after hours (Credit: ITV)

The burglar ransacks the full till, and terrified, the women try to fight off their assailant.

Brave Kate manages to whack the masked robber over the head with a bottle and the pair make their escape. Phew!

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Kate whacks the robber over the head (Credit: ITV)

But the robbery looks like it could create more problems for the pair.

After all, there’s someone else who knows about their romance now.

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And who could it be? Who knew the Bistro till would be brimming with cash?

Hmm… We can’t help but suspect Michelle here. After all, she did break the card machine (and yes, we’ve spent ages trying to zoom in on the picture, too!).

Could Michelle be the culprit? (Credit: ITV)

Has Michelle just robbed the Bistro? And if so, why?

Could it be anything to do with Robert’s little gambling problem rearing its head again?

And is she going to spill the beans about Rana and Kate’s affair?

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