Corrie SPOILER: Is Phelan’s double murder crime about to be exposed?

Sneaky on-location snaps reveal dramatic new year storylines

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It looks like time is running out for Corrie’s evil Pat Phelan.

The cast of Coronation Street have been spotted filming secret scenes on location – and it’s the same place where Phelan dumped the bodies of his two murder victims, Luke and Vinny.

Could Phelan’s crimes be catching up with him? (Credit: ITV)

Actors Connor McIntyre, who plays killer Phelan, and Mikey North, who is better known as Gary Windass, have been photographed filming at an undercover location recently – so does this mean the truth is going to catch up with Phelan?

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Photographers also caught builders heading towards the secret set – while some of the Corrie cast members were spotted hiding under their coats, trying to keep their identities a mystery.

These scenes for 2018 were being filmed before the Corrie crew finish for the Christmas break.

Andy’s dead – but who will be next? (Credit: ITV)

Talking about his character’s future in the show, Connor McIntyre told The Sun: “I haven’t seen much further up the road for Phelan but I imagine it will get darker.

“Let’s put it this way – I think my long-term future on the show is in serious doubt.”

Phelan’s currently getting away with murder (Credit: ITV)

Dropping a major hint that Phelan could kill again, he added: “The journey towards his comeuppance will be very lively I’m sure, because now he has a direct route to solving problems.”

Luke Britton is currently playing detective and closing in on finding out the truth about Andy’s strange disappearance.

But it looks like he could be landing himself in serious danger – especially as Phelan’s way of disposing of a problem is killing them.

Gary’s back from the dead – but will he be the one to put an end to Phelan? (Credit: ITV)

But with fans off the show taking to social media with their theories, some have hinted that they think Gary Windass’s return from the dead a few weeks ago could coincide with the villain’s downfall.

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With his mum serving time for Phelan’s crimes, Gary is going to be a man looking for revenge… and seeing as he’s in these latest on-location images, it looks like the fan theories could well be right.

With his violent killings on the verge of being exposed, how far will Phelan go to keep his murderous secrets safe?

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