Corrie SPOILER: Faye and Seb in overdose drama

Things are going to take a dramatic turn

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Coronation Street are planning a hard-hitting storyline featuring Faye Windass and her boyfriend Seb.

The youngsters are going to witness Seb’s mum, Abi Franklin, take an overdose.

Over the past few months in Corrie we’ve had our fair share of tough stuff, including the disturbing grooming storyline that saw teenager Bethany Plat used as a sex slave.

Corrie’s got pretty hard-hitting of late (Credit: ITV)

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Then last month we discovered that Andy was being held prisoner in Pat Phelan’s basement.

Now, it looks like Faye is going to learn some very harsh life lessons too.

In an upcoming storyline, viewers will see her run away from Weatherfield and get involved in a life and death situation.

She will reportedly see her boyfriend’s mum overdose on drugs.

How will Seb and Faye cope after his mother’s overdose? (credit: ITV)

Does she live or die? We’re not sure yet, but there’s more to come for the young lovebirds.

With his mother rushed to hospital, Seb becomes sole carer for his younger siblings.

And before you can say “what’s he going to do next”, the police and social services turn up at the house.

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Will Seb and his family be split apart?

Will Anna step in? (Credit: ITV)

What will Faye’s parents Tim and and Anna do?

They already don’t approve of her relationship with Seb.

What will Faye’s parents think? (Credit: ITV)

But will they soften when they see what kind of background he comes from? We’ve already heard Anna is going to be stunned when she finds out Seb’s home life is so difficult.

Does that mean she’ll try to help him?

As we always say, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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