Corrie release explosive trailer ahead of Eva and Aidan’s wedding as they announce extra episode

It's going to be quite a week

Coronation Street have been teasing us with promise of an extra episode for quite some time now, and finally they’ve announced exactly when it will happen.

From September 20, there will be another outing to Weatherfield every week.

And it all kicks off with Aidan Connor and Eva Price’s wedding week.

To go alongside the announcement, the show have shared a trailer for all the action to Twitter and it looks like it’s going to be a HUGE week of episodes.

Viewers know that Eva knows that Aidan’s been cheating with Maria Connor.

Eva has since been conspiring with Adam Barlow to take Aidan for everything he’s got and has even been faking a pregnancy to extort more money out of him.

But Maria’s been bubbling away in the background and has been getting increasingly suspicious of Eva and Adam – could she be set to blow the whole thing wide open?

In the trailer, Aidan is seen telling Maria: “I’m getting married to Eva today.”

To which she responds: “I hope you have a spectacular day.” Well, it promises to be just that.

Meanwhile, Jenny Bradley and Johnny Connor are also set to get married in a double wedding with Eva and Aidan.

Is Rita going to die? (Credit: ITV)

But as we cut to a shot of Rita in a hospital bed we hear Johnny tell his bride-to-be: “Rita’s more important than any wedding.”

Does that mean Rita’s brain tumour is going to ruin Jenny and Johnny’s big day?

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Aidan is desperate to keep Eva by his side (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

Then we’re back to Aidan and Eva. The bride is tearful and Aidan holds her face in his hands as he tells her: “We can get through this” – does he know that she knows?

Is he trying to persuade her to give him another chance? Or has something else happened?

Adam’s not happy when Eva pulls out of their agreement (Credit: ITV)

Eva is seen telling Adam: “The plan, I can’t go through with our plan,” and by the look on his face, he isn’t happy. Is he set to ruin everything for her on his own?

The last shot sees Eva in all her wedding finery turning on Maria: “I am going to have you,” she shouts – before pushing Maria into a fountain!

Do not mess with Eva the Diva (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

Eva then jumps in after her and it’s clear the ladies will embark on a full blown fight.

Blimey! it’s all go!

There’s a fight in a fountain – normal Corrie wedding then! (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

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It’s quite a way to kick off the six episodes a week run.

Let’s just hope Corrie can sustain the action in the future.

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