Corrie plans wedding drama for Rana and Zeedan as her feelings for Kate explode?

Their relationship might have stepped up a gear

It’s been pretty clear for a while now that Rana Nazir is developing feelings for her best mate, Kate Connor, and is struggling to deal with them.

Corrie have now revealed they’re planning some big wedding scenes for Rana and her husband Zeedan, and it might not all go to plan.

Shots have emerged of the couple filming at a registry office, with Rana looking gorgeous in a sparkling vintage-looking cream gown.

Rana and Zeedan have wed, but want to make it official (Credit: ITV)

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But they’re already married, we hear you cry! They wed in the soap’s first Muslim ceremony, but are now set to seal the deal legally with the registry office bash.

But with Zeedan happy to make things official, his wife might not be feeling quite so pleased about her upcoming nuptials given how she’s starting to see Kate in a very different light.

Will she be able to go through with the ceremony or will she put a halt to everything and confess all?

When Kate hooked up with newcomer, Imogen, in the Bistro recently, Rana reacted in a VERY SUSPICIOUS way.

Rana squares up to Imogen (Credit: ITV)

And it soon became clear Rana was falling for Kate – but that she might not even know it herself yet.

Rana was quick to complain that Imogen was taking advantage of a clearly drunk Kate and asked her to leave her friend alone.

Kate, however, didn’t want to be left alone and it wasn’t long before Rana and Imogen were squaring up to each other – in the middle of the Bistro.

As if she wasn’t acting enough like a jealous lover, Rana’s mood soured even more when she realised Kate and Imogen had spent the night together.

Rana doesn’t like being a third wheel (Credit: ITV)

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So what was behind Rana’s – who’s always been supportive of Kate’s sexuality – sudden bizarre behaviour?

The popular (and most obvious) theory is that Rana has fallen for her friend herself, and it’s taken Kate finding a potential new girlfriend to make her realise her feelings.

But how does all that fit in with Rana reaffirming her commitment to Zeedan?

Have she and Kate already embarked on a secret affair? Will the truth come spilling out at the wedding?

Or is Rana still hiding her feelings and using the ceremony to convince herself that she’s straight and wants to be with Zee?

Will the big day be all smiles? Or will Rana’s double life be exposed?

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