Corrie plans dark new storyline for one street resident

Who knew that THIS character has skeletons in his closet

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Well, well, well. We weren’t expecting this. Corrie boss, Kate Oates, has revealed that local vicar and general pillar of the community, Billy Mayhew, has got a few skeletons in his cupboard.

Ooh, what’s Billy been hiding? (Credit: ITV)

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At a recent Corrie press event, Kate spoke about the fan favourite and how the show is going to explore his back story – and it’s going to get Very Dark.

Apparently the sinister plot, which will come to a head in the run up to Christmas, will have far reaching consequences for Weatherfield residents – not just affecting Todd and Summer.

We can’t tell you what Billy’s been hiding but with Todd being a bit of a dark-side dabbler himself, will the reveal give the pair a new dynamic?

Will it mean the end for Tilly? (Credit: ITV)

Or could it even spell the end for Tilly?

Kate has also spoken out about what’s in store for lots of other Weatherfield residents. With an extra episode coming our way from September 20 (YAY!), she’s hinted at LOTS of exciting stuff on the horizon.

For example, Evil Nathan Curtis will be back on our screens soon, and Kate has hinted he might get off when it comes to his court trial.

Er, WHAT??

Nathan, as we know, was the ringleader of a prostitution ring and he’s due before the judge in the coming weeks.

We’re going to see if Bethany makes it to court,” Kate has teased.

Will Nathan get away with grooming Bethany? (Credit: ITV)

“It’s a huge deal for a girl of her age in her position to face not one but several perpetrators and all their barristers but we still have the issue of Mel to consider.

“Nathan has a little friend in Mel who had her brain well and truly brainwashed by him and she is very much on the outside keen to make sure that Bethany doesn’t make it to court. So the question is – will Nathan ever face justice?”

 Surely he HAS to??
Kate also revealed that Rana Nazir WILL cheat on Zeedan and our guess that she’d get it on with her best mate, Kate Connor, was spot on.
Kate (Oates) said: “We’ve got a new romance bubbling for Kate and Rana, which may take a few interesting turns.”
Love is in the air for Rana and Kate (Credit: ITV)

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Sounds like it’s going to be a VERY interesting Autumn in Weatherfield!

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