Corrie lovebirds to run away together?

Their romance is forbidden so they feel they have no choice

Coronation Street’s Faye Windass has faced stiff opposition from her parents Anna Windass and Tim Metcalfe to her relationship with Seb Franklin.

You can hardly blame them: Seb has spent most of his time leading Faye astray. She even ended up with an infected tattoo.

That’s not to mention the fact he’s been in Young Offenders’ for assault and is pally with Pat Phelan, which would be enough to make any parent worry.

Seb and Faye are plotting (Credit: ITV)

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But Faye has remained defiant and stood by her man.

However, when he finishes with her, she concocts a plan for them to run away together so they can live in bliss without her parents ruining things.

Anna has tried everything she can think of to keep them apart (Credit: ITV)

Seb’s rejection of Faye hurts her big time – but what’s behind it? They’ve been so determined to be together, it seems odd he would just end it without warning. Has Anna had something to do with this?

Faye proposes her plan to him for them to flee together, but will he be keen on the idea?

And how will Anna and Tim react when they realise she’s run away? Will they finally let the pair be together to keep Faye by their sides?

Tim’s also made it clear he’s not happy about Seb and Faye (Credit: ITV)

It was recently revealed that Anna is set to learn a bit more about Seb’s background.

When she discovers Faye and Seb are still seeing each other, she’s furious, but then she pays Seb a visit and finds him living in squalor.

As she learns he’s had a very difficult upbringing and his home life isn’t pleasant, it may make her soften towards him.

Is Anna going to soften towards Seb? (Credit: ITV)

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Although it also might make her push Seb to finish things with Faye for good. If Anna’s worry for Faye increases, perhaps she forces Seb to end their relationship to protect her daughter?

The more Anna pushes Faye though, the further away the teen might end up.

Will Faye and Seb run away together? And are they clever enough to remain undetected or will they be brought home with their tails between their legs before too long?

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