Corrie gaffe as Gail forgets she was swindled by a man just like Leanne…

She may have a short memory - but the viewers don't!

In last night’s Corrie, sharp-tongued Gail Platt wasted no time in telling Leanne Battersby how stupid she was for letting a fella rip her off.

In Wednesday’s double episode we saw Leanne fall for a scam that left her out of pocket by £25,000.

And yesterday, Gail found out what had happened to the money her son Nick gave his ex-wife, Leanne

In true Gail style, she was quick to track poor Leanne down and give her a mouthful.

“Oh so you’re sponging off Toyah and Peter now,” Gail started, before whining that Nick had worked hard for his money.

Gail was quick to criticise Leanne for losing her money (Credit: ITV)

“And what does she do?” Gail said. “Lets some con artist take the lot. Still, easy come, easy go.”

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The furious Battersby/Price sisters soon got shot of Gail.

Leanne wasn’t impressed – and neither were the Corrie viewers (Credit: ITV)

And now she’s facing the wrath of the Corrie fans, who are outraged that she seems to have forgotten she was once in the same boat.

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Back in 2013, Gail was conned out of £40,000 by the charming Lewis who turned out to be a serial scammer – and heartbreaker to boot. Her losing so much money is why she now lives with David in the house she once owned. Sponging off him, you could say.

And the Corrie fans waded in on social media to point out the gaffe.

“Gail has a short memory,” said one viewer. “Gail being a hypocrite,” said another.

Another fan said: “I think Gail has forgotten she got done over by Lewis when he took all her money.”

But one disgruntled viewer got straight to the point, saying what we were all thinking.

“Oh shut up Gail,” she simply said.

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