Corrie fans turn on Kevin Webster as he abandons Anna Windass

Boo, hiss.

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Coronation Street fans were fuming with Kevin Webster after last night’s double bill as the mechanic DUMPED his long-term partner, Anna Windass, after she was rushed to hospital.

Callous Kevin (as he shall henceforth be known) visited Anna in hospital after she collapsed in prison due to her having a reaction to her medication.

“It’s not you, it’s…, it’s you” (Credit: ITV)

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Anna has been locked up after being framed by her arch-enemy, Pat Phelan, for the attempted murder of her daughter’s boyfriend, Seb Franklin.

While son, Gary, has defended Anna – her daughter, Faye, hasn’t been convinced that the cafe worked has been telling the truth about pushing Seb off a ladder.

But out of all of her friends and family it was Kevin who really let Anna down.

He’d already been reluctant to pay her a visit in prison because he also suspects she isn’t as innocent as she claims.

But after a trip away from Weatherfield to clear his head – Kev decided it was about time he paid Anna a visit – to dump her!

That’s real nice, Kev.

Anna was stunned by Kev’s news (Credit: ITV)

A furious Gary confronted Kevin later, pointing out that his mum had stood by him when he cheated with Erica Holroyd and had given him £19,000 to stop him becoming bankrupt.

But Kev stood his ground claiming Anna was ‘unstable’.

He even used his small son, Jack, as an excuse saying he had to put his child first.

Gary was furious with Kevin (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fans raced to Twitter to defend Anna and slam Kevin for his cowardly actions.

“Partner in jail and in hospital? Kevin Webster decides it’s the best possible time to dump Anna. What a hero #corrie,” tweeted one disgruntled fan.

Another added: “Kevin has not really supported Anna through all this #Corrie.”

And a third wrote: “Could Kevin have found a worse time?! Anxiety through the roof, in prison, just found out her son isn’t dead. Wow.”

Debbie Rush, who plays Anna, is bowing out of the ITV soap in the near future, but she might still have a chance to get her own back on her ex.

Anna made a run for it from hospital last night, disguised in a long coat, after the police constable watching her was momentarily distracted.

Anna made a bid for freedom (Credit: ITV)

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But what will she do now she’s a fugitive?

Will she confront Phelan and appeal to his better nature? Or will she hunt Kev down and give him a piece of her mind?

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