Corrie fans terrified that Mel will kill Bethany

Yeah, sure, because what Bethany needed was more bad news

If you thought Bethany Platt’s upcoming storylines were going to be all romance, beers in The Rovers and wise words from Rita then, er, no.

This week saw the return of Bethany’s abuse storyline, as Bethany tried to persuade Nathan’s original victim Mel to testify against Nathan alongside her in court.

But with Mel still under Nathan’s spell, viewers are terrified that this will massively backfire against Bethany. And that things are about to get seriously dark.

Mel has been speaking to Nathan in prison and it’s obvious she’ll do anything to stop Beth testifying.

And now viewers think that might even mean KILLING her.

One posted: ‘plz plz plz don’t kill Bethany plz? Xx’

Another wrote: ‘I know Mel is a victim herself but man her doing this to Bethany again is unforgiveable’

A third said: ‘What is Bethany doing? Don’t trust a snake like Mel’

Beth spoke to Mel to try and persuade her to help her against Nathan but while Mel was pretending that she was ready to turn against him, she’s actually still totally on his side.

“The police need evidence, there’s only so much I can prove and Laura’s too messed up to help so that’s my word against Nathan, Neil’s and Ian’s,” Bethany said to her.

“You know all the facts and dates, you know where all the bodies are buried.”

Don’t mention bodies, Bethany. Might give her ideas. Look at her eyes.

Actress Sonia Ibrahim who plays Mel says too that she thinks Mel could go to dark, dark places when it comes to saving Nathan.

“I think from what we’ve seen from Mel when she closed the door on Bethany, I think we’ve seen that Mel is capable of anything.

“We’re just going to have to wait and see.”

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Sonia is set to leave Corrie soon after a dramatic showdown with Bethany when – SPOILERS – she pretends that she is going to give evidence and wants Bethany to accompany her then stops at a railway track and drags her away by her hair.

And the scene involves Mel waving a very heavy looking instrument above Bethany’s head.

Of course, as is the soap way, Craig – no other officer, no, never – gets called out to a fatality on the railway and finds Bethany’s necklace.

So could Mel have actually killed Bethany?

Sonia told OK! Online: “She’s just fully under his spell. She’s just got tunnel vision for Nathan. She can’t see around it and she’d do anything for him.

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“He’s convinced her that if she can do this and Nathan can get off with it, that him and Mel will go off in the sunset.”

Anyone else having to do deep breaths when Corrie is on again?