Corrie fans SLAM writers for “unrealistic” scenes

Viewers just weren't having it

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We were all a teeny bit stunned when angelic vicar, Billy Mayhew, totally lost it with Peter Barlow’s face in last night’s Coronation Street, leaving the pub landlord bruised and bloody.

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But Corrie fans were less than happy about the sudden change in Billy’s personality. And they did what all good TV fans do when they’re cross about stuff – they took their views to Twitter.

The scene in question took place last night when Peter popped over to Billy’s to tell him what he’d learned from Simon about Summer smoking Spice.

Summer – who Billy and partner Todd Grimshaw are hoping to adopt – was found slumped unconscious in the ginnel after puffing on a dodgy-looking ciggie Si found at school.

Summer has been struggling to fit in with the other kids on the cobbles since she moved there after the death of her dad, Drew.

She was feeling especially emotional yesterday as it would have been Drew’s birthday so she took the cigarette from Simon and tried smoking it.

Simon confessed to Peter that he’d supplied it, but insisted that he hadn’t meant to hurt Summer.

But when Peter headed over to the flower shop flat to fill Billy in, it ended up being Billy who did the filling in. With his fists.

After Peter told Billy that it was nothing but a teen prank gone wrong, Billy flipped his lid and flew at Peter, knocking him to the ground – and then raining punches down on him.

Peter was stunned and headed back to the pub, while Billy went to the hospital to check on Summer.

When Todd caught sight of Billy’s hand, he asked him what had happened, but Billy insisted it was nothing.

This latest bout of devilish behaviour comes just days after Billy STOLE money from Todd and Adam Barlow’s office.

Shocked fans hit Twitter up with their shock that Billy, a man of the cloth, could have such a major personality change.

One wrote: “Corrie writers are losing the plot. What the hell has happened to Billy’s character?”

Another added: “Billy the vicar turns violent. Corrie writers losing the plot.”

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While a third said: “And the totally unrealistic scene of the year award goes to Billy attacking Peter.”

Billy, think you’ve got some time in that confession box due, fella.

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