Corrie fans slam Leanne Battersby’s “ridiculous” stolen identity storyline

Fans say the plot was 'too far fetched'

While plenty of people took to Twitter last night to share their heartache for Leanne after she was scammed out of £25,000 – other fans thought the storyline was over the top and didn’t represent real life.

As Leanne drunkenly chatted on a first date, people across the nation could see what was about to happen – everyone apart from Leanne herself, that is.

Leanne’s stunned when she realises she’s been conned (Credit: ITV)

Without realising, the gullible businesswoman was giving away her passwords left, right and centre as she chatted about her childhood, her mother’s maiden name and even her first pet.

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Viewers were left screaming at their TV knowing that Chris – who was actually called Paul – was about to relieve her of her life savings.

The conman had taken the whole £25,000 that she got from Nick Tilsley (Credit: ITV)

The conman even took Leanne’s phone when he left – and that, along with all her passwords to bank security questions was all it took to scam her out of the deposit she had for her new flat.

By the time Leanne had worked out what had happened, her bank account had been cleared and Chris, or should we say Paul, was long gone.

Leanne checked her bank account online (Credit: ITV)

Viewers took to social media to vent their frustration at the storyline – that seemed to happen very quickly and without warning.

By the time Leanne realised what had happened, her bank account was empty (Credit: ITV)

While some were sorry for Leanne and thought the plot was a great way to raise awareness of how easy it is for someone to steal your identity, others thought the whole thing was a ‘bit far fetched’…

One Corrie fan hit the nail on the head when they said most banks wouldn’t let you transfer more than £350 a day without warning, while another simply tweeted: “Oh Leanne.”

Other fans made a joke about how obvious it was that Leanne was about to get scammed. It’s just a shame she wasn’t as quick to work it out as the Corrie viewers were!

Another fan slammed the show for not being believable…

With all her money gone thanks to the worst date ever, Leanne quickly found herself homeless – and with Christmas just around the corner, things were’t looking good.

Leanne, Simon and Eva were offered a place to stay by Toyah (Credit: ITV)

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Luckily Toyah quickly came to her sister’s rescue and invited Leanne, Eva and Simon to come and live with her and Peter.

But with Peter being Leanne’s ex, this is shaping up to be a very cosy Christmas indeed.

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