Corrie fans launch campaign to save Rita as her health takes a devastating turn

The soap favourite seemed to think her husband Len was still alive

Coronation Street fans have expressed their concern for soap stalwart Rita Tanner after she started showing signs of memory loss.

The character, who is played by Barbara Knox and who first appeared on the soap in 1964, seemed to think her husband Len was still alive.

She was feeling the pressure during Wednesday’s episode as she made her way through the list of wedding tasks Jenny had set for her.

Rita’s health is getting worse (Credit: ITV)

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But it was Gemma who was concerned for Rita’s behaviour, especially when she got confused during a bridesmaids’ dress fitting and knocked a cup of tea all over the freshly dyed shoes.

Gemma took the blame for her, but Rita’s odd actions got worse as she set a place for Len at the dinner table.

A worried sick Gemma felt she had no one to turn to, especially as Jenny gave her short shrift over the shoe incident.

Gemma is trying to take care of her friend, but it’s hard on her own (Credit: ITV) have confirmed it is in fact a brain tumour, not dementia, that Rita is suffering from, but there is no official word on whether or not she will survive.

But viewers were equally as concerned as Gemma and immediately launched an online campaign to #SaveRita.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “A little lump in my throat watching #Corrie and the #Rita storyline starting. Please don’t kill off such a wonderful character. #SaveRita.”

Another wrote: “Unless Barbara Knox wants to retire, I will never ever ever forgive @itvcorrie if they are deliberately writing out Rita. #corrie #SaveRita.”

A fan account for the soap tweeted: “From her first appearance in ’64 to the present day, Barbara Knox as Rita has ensured quality Coronation St. Make sure to #SaveRita.”

And the “Save Rita” memes kept on coming.

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Others found her deterioration very distressing, with one viewer writing: “the rita storyline is only starting and it’s breaking my heart already.”

Another said: “I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready to deal with Rita being ill.”

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