Corrie fans gutted about character’s unexpected disappearance

She'd better NOT have left for good

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Corrie fans were left scratching their heads after tonight’s episodes as fan favourite Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) made the decision to stay on in Milan for good, rather than returning to Weatherfield.

Bethany went to Milan to recover from her trial (Credit: ITV)

Not that anyone could blame her. Since she arrived back on the Street three years ago, the troubled teen has faced all kinds of drama from bullying to eating disorders and, obvs, the horrifying grooming ordeal at the hands of Nathan Curtis.

Bethany’s mum Sarah (Tina O’Brien) and her boyfriend Gary (Mikey North) arrived back from their holiday in the Italian capital tonight, after heading there to recover after Bethany’s court case against Nathan and his sex ring gang ended.

Sarah initially said that Bethany had decided to stay on a few days longer, but later she took a call from Bethany telling her mum that she was staying there for good.

Sarah learned that Bethany wasn’t coming back (Credit: ITV)

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A shaken Sarah relayed the information to the rest of her family and left viewers feeling confused over Lucy Fallon’s future in the show, with many questioning if she’d left for good.

Gary comforted her, even though his mind was clearly on other things. His impending fatherhood, for one.

Gary learned Nicola is preggers (Credit: ITV)

Elsewhere tonight, Gary learned that his one night stand with Nicola Rubinstein had resulted in her falling pregnant – despite Nicola initially denying the baby was his.

David Platt – who is Gary’s girlfriend’s brother – saw them having a heated exchange and later confronted Gary about it. The former soldier lied and said they’d kissed, but that was it.

Don’t think you’ll fool him for long Gary, even David Platt knows that’s not how babies are made.

David had some good news of his own when, to the delight of the viewers, his girlfriend, Shona Ramsay, agreed to move in with him.

Shona agreed to move in with David. Yay! (Credit: ITV)

David and Shona are one of Corrie’s most-loved couples, with many of you happy that David has been able to find loved again after losing wife, Kylie, tragically last year.

Yeah, and some of us can’t even get a text back.

And, best of all, was the news Rita Sullivan’s brain tumour wasn’t cancerous. She celebrated the news by getting plastered in the Rovers with Audrey.

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Never change, Rita.

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