Corrie fans fear for Chesney’s life as his anxiety leaves him in danger

Has he ended it all?

It’s been clear for weeks that Coronation Street’s Chesney Brown is struggling in the wake of his stabbing by drug dealer Rich.

As Ches continues to deal with his panic attacks and tries to hide them from his loved ones, things took a dramatic turn in Wednesday night’s episode.

After quitting his job and being unable to leave the house, he found the strength to take nieces, Hope and Ruby, into town for a day out.

Although it was all smiles, the bus journey freaked poor Ches out.

Chesney found the bus ride too much (Credit: ITV)

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As it stopped at a set of traffic lights, Chesney couldn’t cope any longer and demanded the driver let him off immediately.

In a complete state, Ches raced off, but as he got to a nearby park and started to cool down, reality set in and he realised he’d left the toddlers on the bus.

He rang girlfriend Sinead Tinker to confess what he’d done and she immediately informed Fiz. As they set about calling the police, poor Ches was beside himself with worry.

In shock at what was happening to him, the last we saw of the heavily breathing ginger was him walking towards the edge of a river bank.

The final scene of the episode saw his phone on the bank, but no sign of the troubled lad. Has it all become too much for him?

Chesney stood by the river bank (Credit: ITV)

Could Chesney really have taken his own life, unable to cope with his ordeal?

Fans are devastated at the prospect that it got too much for Ches and he might have ended it all.

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Let’s hope Chesney – and the kids – are all found safe and well.

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