Corrie fans convinced Tracy Barlow will fall pregnant after night of passion with Steve McDonald

Well, it wouldn't be the first time

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Corrie fans were delighted when Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow hooked up for a night of festive frolics, but predicted their romp would lead to the pitter-patter of little feet on the cobbles.

Tracy and Steve had been to watch their daughter, Amy, play the violin at her Christmas concert – complete with a hip flask of booze – which left them giggling like teenagers.

Tracy and Steve enjoyed a festive frolic (Credit: ITV)

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They then carried on their boozy antics at the Rovers before Tracy dragged Steve back to the Barlow residence for some naughtiness.

Boss Kate Oates previously said: “We’re also going to give Steve some happiness. Well, happiness may be pushing it slightly, but he will be waking up on Christmas morning with Tracy Barlow.

“Not that Amy and Simon are all that pleased at this joyful union – in fact, they’re going to do their best to make sure they never get back together, the killjoys.”

They spent the carol concert giggling (Credit: ITV)

But viewers are convinced that Steve will get Tracy pregnant, which will definitely throw a spanner in the works for Amy and Simon.

“Steve and his super sperm will have Tracy knocked up by New Year,” tweeted one viewer.

While another wondered: “New year baby for Tracy and Steve?”

A third was just happy to see them back together saying: “Steve and Tracy hahahahahaha love them two.”

But Kate Ford, who plays Tracy, revealed to SoapSquawk that her character wouldn’t be impressed if she did end up with a McDonald bun in the oven.

Kate said: “She wouldn’t like it. When Amy was a baby she found it really boring. She was constantly asking Emily to babysit. Or whoever was walking past the house at the time.

So I think she’d be mortified, just because it would bore her to have a baby.”

Will Tracy have a McDonald bun in the oven? (Credit: ITV)

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Steve already has one baby on the cobbles, Oliver who he shares with Leanne Battersby.

He also has Amy with Tracy, and the florist previously miscarried twins she was expecting with Steve.