Corrie boss hints that evil Nathan could get off

Surely he HAS to pay for what he did?

Coronation Street has been great all year, but the show’s producer has promised that this autumn viewers are in for a dramatic treat!

So EastEnders bosses, grab a pen and start taking notes.

According to Kate Oates, Corrie will launch its sixth episode from September 20 and to fill these extra shows, she says writers have dreamt up some amazing drama twists to keep us hooked to the cobbles.

And it looks like life for troubled Bethany Platt isn’t going to get any better soon.

The Bethany Platt storyline continues – but with evil Nathan get away with his crime? (Credit: ITV)

With the trial of evil Nathan Curtis coming up, it looks like there’s a possibility he may not get punished.

“We’re going to see if Bethany makes it to court,” Kate has teased.

“It’s a huge deal for a girl of her age in her position to face not one but several perpetrators and all their barristers but we still have the issue of Mel to consider.

How will Nathan fare in court? (Credit; ITV)

“Nathan has a little friend in Mel who had her brain well and truly brainwashed by him and she is very much on the outside keen to make sure that Bethany doesn’t make it to court. So the question is – will Nathan ever face justice?”

Good question. But after months of grooming her and forcing her to have sex with his friends, it’s only right that he does. Let’s hope Corrie follow through on it.

Meanwhile, Pat Phelan who has Andy locked up in his basement, has a big storyline coming up too.

Will Andy remain in Pat Phelan’s basement for much longer? (Credit: ITV)

“That story will play out over the autumn,” Kate says.

“We’ll see how Phelan will deal with that problem and whether Andy will escape or not.”

What is vicar Billy’s dark secret? (credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, in a new plot twist it will be revealed that nice guy vicar Billy Mayhew has a dark back story that will have an impact on another main family on the street.

But fans will probably be hooked most to Eva’s revenge plan as Kate says: “It’s not as easy to stop as she might have hoped.

“There are massive repercussions for everyone on the street.

“The factory has always been a bit of powerhouse and a major employer and Eva and Adam’s machinations have an impact of everybody who works at Underworld.

Eva’s revenge will make an impact on the street! (Credit: ITV

“That’s going to have a huge impact on not only everybody’s lives but how popular she is on the street.”

Wow, it looks like Corrie’s going from strength to strength. We’re off to sit down and have a cuppa!

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