Corrie boss CONFIRMS Rana Nazir affair

But can you guess who it'll be with?

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We just knew that there was more than met the eye when Rana Nazir confronted Kate Connor’s new love interest Imogen while the two women were together in the Bistro in Coronation Street.

And it turns out our hunch was spot-on. Married Rana (played by Bhavna Limbachia) has fallen head over heels in love with her bessie.

But not only that – it’s been revealed that the pair are going to fall headlong into a steamy lesbian affair.

Well, that’s sure to shake things up a bit in Weatherfield!

Rana confronted Kate’s new girlfriend Imogen while the two were dating (Credit: ITV)

Kate (Faye Brookes) initially believes that her friend’s negative reaction to Imogen is born out of homophobia, a conclusion that causes a rift between the two women.

But those tensions will develop into something rather more passionate, in a storyline that promises to take viewers on an emotional rollercoaster.

Speaking at a press event – where it was also confirmed that six episodes of Corrie will be shown each week – producer Kate Oates teased: “We’ve got a new romance bubbling for Kate and Rana, which may take a few interesting turns.”

Surprised at the news? Well, just think how Rana’s husband Zeedan is going to feel. The poor bloke is desperate to start a family with Rana, and she’s already put the kibosh on that by taking contraceptive pills.

Finding out that his wife is copping off with one of her girly chums might just send him over the edge.

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After Rana interrupted Kate and Imogen’s date, we weren’t the only ones to guess that she had feelings for her pal – a number of viewers took to Twitter with a similar reaction.

One wrote: “Definitely think Rana is in love with Kate.”

And another mused: “OMG Rana likes Kate?! I’m shook.”

Credit: ITV
Rana looked unhappy as Kate and Imogen’s love blossomed (Credit: ITV)

Well, it sounds like there’s plenty more in the pipeline that could shake viewers up, with Kate Oates hinting at one or two other potential cliffhangers.

One of those could revolve around Nathan’s upcoming court case, where he’s due to stand trial for abusing Bethany.

The teenage victim is set to give evidence against her tormentor, but will she go through with it?

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Oates said: “It’s a huge deal for a girl of her age and in her position to face not one but several perpetrators of abuse and all their barristers, and we still have the issue of Mel to consider.

“She has had her brain well and truly washed by Nathan. She’s keen to make sure that Bethany doesn’t get to court.”

One thing’s for sure – Corrie is going to be must-watch TV over the coming weeks.