Corrie is lining up ANOTHER shocking storyline for Bethany Platt

More drama for the troubled teen

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Coronation Street is lining up a new shocking storyline for Bethany Platt, who has gone from rape victim to lap dancer.

And it’s her new career that gets her in trouble this time when she’s sacked as a stripper after glassing a punter, reports the Sun Online.

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A source said: “Bethany’s lap dancing career is set to come to an end when the strip club, Tassels, she works in gets closed down.

“Dramatic scenes will see her glass somebody in a shocking move that will cost her the job.”

Bethany’s been secretly dancing at Tassels in a bid to win back control over her body and how men see her.

In tonight’s episodes she will explain to worried mum, Sarah, that the men can look but not touch, which is exactly the opposite of what happened to her at the hands of evil Nathan Curtis.

Nathan groomed Bethany and then sold her to his friends for sex, before he was sent down last year.

Her dancing secret is rumbled tonight when Gary Windass –  her mum’s ex – follows her and her friend Sam to the club.

Gary gets the shock of his life when he sees Bethany there, dressed in skimpy clothes, and tries to drag her home.

But Bethany pretends she doesn’t know Gary, and he’s swiftly dealt with by security.

Actor Mikey North who plays Gary said of tonight’s drama: “Gary tries to get Bethany to come home but she doesn’t like that and wants to stay. Bethany calls the bouncer to step in and he does so in a quite forceful way.

“Gary tries to resist a little bit which doesn’t help… the bouncer goes to town on him.

“He is really smashed up, he is badly, badly beaten up. It’s the last thing that he needs with everything else going on.”

And it looks like the drama at Tassels is only just beginning.

It’s thought that Bethany will hit a sleazy customer over the head with a glass next month and the incident will lead to the club being shut down.

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But will Bethany end up with a criminal record over the violent incident?

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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