Corrie actor Connor McIntyre confirms his exit as super villain Pat Phelan

The Corrie star spoke to Holly and Phil on This Morning

Pat Phelan has been one of the worst bad guys to walk the Corrie cobbles in years.

The soap villain has had a hand in murder, arson, blackmail, rape, kidnap, false imprisonment and fraud.

He’s made soap fans furious, as he’s made poor Anna Windass’ life hell and conned gullible Eileen into marrying him.

And actor Connor McIntyre has won awards aplenty for his portrayal of the evil builder, with millions of fans both loving and hating him.

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But now the star has confirmed that Pat Phelan’s time on the cobbles will finally be coming to an end.

In an interview on This Morning, the Liverpudlian joked that he will soon be “available for work,” as Pat looks set to get his comeuppance.

Speaking to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Connor described how much fun he had playing the soap super villain – and how fans reacted to him.

“It’s an absolute delight, a real treat to play this character,” he said.

“The writers have done a really great job of creating a fully formed character.

“The most heartening thing is I meet people in the street or social media and they say they can see a good man struggling to get out.”

While Phil and Holly couldn’t quite believe that, Connor insisted it was true.

“Really, really! What do you think the question I get asked the most is?” he asked.

They guessed it was when Phelan would get caught.

“Well, that for sure will come, but what I get asked the most is whether or not he really loves Eileen, isn’t that lovely?”

When they asked him if Phelan does love his wife, he replied: “There was a big clue the other week when he thought Eileen might be in danger and he was beside himself.”

Holly went on to ask that if Pat does have some good in him, does that mean he can be redeemed?

“It might be a little late for that – he’s crossed the rubicon,” explained Connor.

“But he’s a tragic figure in the sense he makes these choices and inevitably because of his pathology they’re always the wrong ones.

“He’s a dangerous narcissist and keeps making wrong choices. At the end, it’s all about Pat.”

The presenters mentioned the recent criticism of Coronation Street, with some fans – including Michael Parkinson – saying it had become too violent.

“Obviously I respect Michael Parkinson and lots of people do feel that way, but lots of other people don’t feel that way,” Connor said.

“On a personal level, I think the guys have created a villain for our times. He’s multi-dimensional.

“These are interesting times we’re living in and Pat Phelan is an interesting villain with all these real dimensions to him.”

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So what will happen when Pat gets his comeuppance?

“It’s probably the right time to say when that happens I will be available for work! Just thought I’d get that out there!” he laughed.

“Of course I’ll miss him. Any actor would who has been involved with a character so long.

“But like every other self-employed person it’s, okay, I’ve done that job to the best of my abilities so what’s next?”