Corrie accused by viewers of promoting irresponsible behaviour

Fan's were shocked by last night's episode

Coronation Street viewers have been left less than impressed by their favourite soap once again.

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The ITV soap has come under fire for violent storylines involving character Pat Phelan in recent weeks and now the show has been accused of being irresponsible.

It’s all thanks to Eva Price, the street’s loveable, if not always entirely switched on, barmaid, played by Catherine Tyldesley.

Eva is is secretly pregnant with former partner Aidan O’Connor’s baby and has recently decided to have an abortion.

Eva is keeping her baby a secret because it’s not all that long since she faked being pregnant with Aidan’s child in order to get revenge on the character, played by Shayne Ward, for cheating on her with her best friend Maria Connor.

Plenty has happened since then, not to mention the spectacular failure of Eva and Aidan’s wedding ceremony, and, last night, Eva was seen enjoying an evening out for dinner with Adam Barlow .

Eva smiled and recounted a tale of once mistaking Libyan city Tripoli for an Italian holiday destination, happily swigging from a glass of fizz as Adam laughed along and the waitress topped up their glasses.

David and Shona were having a much less enjoyable time on the table just behind them, and, with Adam away from the table and David busy taking a phone call, Shona, who also knows about the baby, took the chance to quiz Eva about what she was up to.

“Had the abortion then?” she asked

“No, but I’m all booked in for tomorrow and then I’m free,” Eva replied.

Viewers were not pleased with what they saw and some took to social media to voice their concerns.

One described Eva as ‘an utter disgrace’, while another referenced earlier scenes with Bethany, sarcastically calling the show a ‘great advertisement’.

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There could still be hope for Eva’s unborn baby yet though, because Toyah, who has encountered heartbreak with trying to have a baby through both IVF and surrogacy, told Eva that she didn’t have to have an abortion.

Viewers already know that Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva, has announced she is leaving later this year around the Summer and that could give her just enough time to have her child and then leave.

One thing is for sure though, whichever path Corrie’s writers choose to take, you can bet that the show’s fans will have plenty to say about it!

Coronation Street continues Monday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV