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How does coronavirus spread? Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones shares the facts

He believes we are all going to be exposed to the virus

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As the UK reaches a crucial weekend in the fight against COVID-19, Brits are asking how coronavirus spreads.

Dr Hilary Jones sifted the fact from the fiction live on today’s Good Morning Britain.

The popular medic revealed that it is more complicated than originally thought.

Chatting to GMB presenters Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard, Dr Hilary grimly revealed: “We are all going to be exposed.”

The coronavirus death toll continues to soar as the UK enters the four day Easter weekend.

Authorities fear Brits will abandon the social distancing guidelines, in order to enjoy the sunshine.

Dominic Raab, who is deputising for Boris Johnson, warned progress could be “undone” if the public flout lockdown rules.

Dr Hilary Jones dispelled myths on how you can catch COVID-19.

Dr Hilary Jones
Dr Hilary Jones (Credit: ITV)

How is coronavirus transmitted?

COVID-19 is transmitted through droplets and particles in the atmosphere.

These enter the air when people cough, sneeze or talk.

NHS advice says you should wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water often. Especially after being outside.

Apart from social distancing measures, you should also sanitise any surfaces you touch including your phone.

Thirdly, Dr Hilary emphasised the importance of not touching your face, as this is how the virus is transmitted.

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Cycling during coronavirus – can I catch it?

The contagious COVID-19 particles are not thought to “travel very far”.

So if you are out in the open air, the the virus is quickly dispersed.

Dr Hilary expanded : “It decays quickly under the influence of fresh air and ultra violet light.”

Therefore, a cyclist who is socially distancing from other people by two metres or more, should be okay.

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Can you catch coronavirus in the supermarket?

Dr Hilary shared a recent study from Finland on Good Morning Britain.

This simulation appeared to show viewers that the droplets from a cough could travel two aisles in a supermarket.

Due to this, the public should always wash their hands and remove the packaging from their food.

Ben Shephard expressed his concern about the coronavirus particles travelling and surviving in the air for up to seven minutes.

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food parcels
Empty shelves in supermarket in the UK amid coronavirus pandemic. (Credit: Splash News)

While, the medic stressed that this was only one study, he said it “reinforces the fact that if you are coughing, you should be staying at home.”

He reminded anyone who is symptomatic: “Don’t go to the supermarket!”

Ben Shephard agreed: “If you do need to cough, cough into your elbow or a tissue.”

Dr Hilary added: “We are all going to be exposed, that is the reason this virus is so transmissible.”

Can a face mask protect me from coronavirus?

The question of coronavirus masks is causing a lot of confusion around the UK.

Some countries are encouraging their citizens to wear masks, as they see them as an effective to measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The World Health Organisation is also agreeing that “masks are important for everybody.”

However, Public Health England has stuck to their original advice.

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Dr Hilary Jones explained: “There is hardly any evidence that healthy people should wear masks. Those who are symptomatic should because it stops the mechanical transmission of these droplets.”

He went on to say: “For healthy people it could do more harm than good as it encourages people to put their hands to their faces more.”

Another problem is, it can quickly become moist with air and once a coronavirus mask is moist, it no longer traps the contagious bio particles.

The doctor also pointed out wearing a mask “could induce a form of complacency. You think you’re wearing a mask and you don’t need to hand wash.”

Dr Hilary continued: “Hand washing is important. If you choose to wear a mask you must wash your hands before putting it on, wash your hands before you take it off and wash your hands after you take it off.”

“If you don’t do this you are contaminating the mask every time.”

The medic ended by saying: “You don’t need to wear one out in public if you are socially distancing and have no symptoms. If you are self-isolating at home with symptoms, wear a mask.”

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