Coronation Street’s Kate O’Connor and Rana Nazir to have a baby?

Rana's parents wouldn't be happy!

Their secret relationship has just been outed – pretty spectacularly it has to be said – and that means a whole world of trouble for Rana Nazir and Kate O’Connor…

In dramatic scenes to come in the following weeks, Rana’s disapproving family will go to desperate lengths to split up Rana and her girlfriend.

So a happy ending doesn’t exactly look just around the corner.

Fans have been rooting for ‘Kana’ since they first got together last year (Credit: ITV)

But that hasn’t stopped actress Faye Brookes from speculating about her character Kate’s future with Rana – and she hopes they end up getting married and having babies!

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In an interview with the Radio Times, Faye opens up about her character’s emotional storylines which are about to get worse before they get better.

She says: “I would like to see them get married and for one of them to have a child. It would be quite significant for a lesbian couple to be married and go through that whole process.”

Kate and Rana were caught in the act by her family – awks (Credit: ITV)

She also admits that she had her doubts about the love affair when she was first told about it.

She explains: “At first, I was sceptical when I was handed the responsibility of carrying this storyline, more so for Bhavna [Limbachia] because I didn’t know what sort of backlash she would get.

“But it’s all been really positive. It’s been well received and I know that we’re reaching out to a lot of young girls who are of the same religion as Rana. I only want the best for Kate and Rana’s relationship, so if there is a fandom at the moment for Kate and Rana, then I am jumping on that bandwagon.”

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The pair are about to be torn apart (Credit: ITV)

Kate and Rana – affectionately nicknamed ‘Kana’ – have a huge fanbase who will be shocked and upset in upcoming episodes… The Habeebs plan to get their daughter out of the country under false pretences in an attempt to steal her away from Kate.

But when Kate tells the police, thinking she’s helping her girlfriend, Rana is furious she interfered with family business.

Faye concludes: “Kate doesn’t think that the situation is safe; what they were doing is illegal, it was uncalled for and she just wants to protect Rana.”

“I hope they’ll get over these hurdles,” she adds. “This is a groundbreaking storyline and brilliant for both the LGBT community and Rana’s religion. I think that’s really inspiring for the next generation, so let’s go forward with that. We are both trying to give everything we’ve got to this beginning of a relationship.”

In scenes shown this week, Kate and Rana were caught kissing – and the rest – in the living room, when Rana’s parents walked in on them.


Meanwhile, Rana’s husband Zeedan is still hopeful of a reunion and convinces himself their marriage still has a future. Looks like Rana has some big decisions ahead of her…

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