Coronation Street’s Billy to turn to heroin to cope with guilt and fear over Barlows?

It's a very bleak year ahead for the vicar

If the Barlows don’t kill Billy, there’s a pretty good chance that the vicar’s own guilt could – in whatever shape that might come.

And there is now speculation that the accidental killer might even turn to drugs to try to silence his conscience – and the fear of what might happen now the truth is out.

Billy is facing ever greater danger (Credit: ITV)

In pictures published by The Sun, Todd’s lover meets up with his bad-boy brother, Lee, again.

Viewers will remember that Lee is bad news – a homeless heroin addict, who is not above breaking the law to feed his habit.

Billy’s brother Lee will be back (Credit: ITV)

When he showed up in Billy’s life earlier this year, he tried to help him. But now, will the younger sibling be the one lending a hand – albeit in a terrible way?

Billy Mayhew’s killer secret was finally exposed to all the Barlows over – and Adam Barlow wants blood.

Adam is also in pieces (Credit: ITV)

Torn apart by the news that Billy was in the car that caused his mum to crash, Adam swigged down vodka and swallowed a bottle of pills in the Boxing Day episode.

Thankfully, Daniel found him in time, and forced his uncle to be sick.

As he’d recovered by the end of the episode, Adam visited Billy in hospital and chillingly said that he was going to be there for him now…

Billy Mayhew’s killer secret has been exposed – and the Barlows want blood (Credit: ITV)

On Christmas Day, viewers watched horrified as Peter drove Billy to a cliff edge in an attempt to terrify him, but it all went a bit wrong.

But after Peter turned away, Billy slipped and despite Peter trying to grab him, he still plunged off the cliff.

Returning home, without calling for an ambulance or helping Billy in any way, Peter ran into his dad and broke down confessing all.

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