Coronation Street’s Billy Mayhew’s killer secret exposed and the Barlows want blood

The Street's most famous family want revenge against Billy and only Eileen Grimshaw stands between them and Billy

Billy Mayhew’s killer secret has been exposed in Coronation Street – and Adam Barlow wants blood.

The vicar – played by actor Daniel Brocklebank in the ITV soap – killed Susan Barlow in 2001 in a car accident, and now her family all know.

Billy Mayhew’s killer secret has been exposed – and the Barlows want blood (Credit: ITV)

Viewers watched as Peter drove Billy to a cliff edge in an attempt to terrify him, but it all went a bit wrong.

But after Peter turned away, Billy slipped and despite Peter trying to grab him, he still plunged off the cliff.

Returning home, without calling for an ambulance or helping Billy in any way, Peter ran into his dad and broke down confessing all.

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He said: “I’m sorry, it was a mistake, it was an accident, I swear it was just an accident, I just wanted to scare him.

“I always thought that once she had swerved off that motorway nothing could be done to help her.

“But he could have gone to help her, he could have called someone, so I just wanted to make him know what that felt like.”

Adam is ready to kill Billy for causing his mum’s death (Credit: ITV)
Ken demanded his family close ranks (Credit: ITV)

Going to the scene of the crime, like all terrible criminals, Ken discovered that Billy had miraculously survived his cliff-top plunge and was on the way to hospital.

Unfortunately for the Barlows, Billy being rushed to hospital uncovered Summer’s grandma Geraldine’s secret ally in Peter telling her the vicar was unfit to adopt Summer.

That sent a furious Eileen straight to their house to confront the entire family – and teased an epic battle between a lone Eileen and the strongest family on the cobbles.

A furious Eileen will have no problem taking on the Barlows (Credit: ITV)
Peter could hardly bring himself to look at her (Credit: ITV)
Ken swore his family to secrecy about the revelation (Credit: ITV)

Eileen’s visit did prompt Ken to spill everything to his family.

“I tried that, I thought I’d watched him die, it doesn’t feel good,” Peter told Adam when he said he was going to kill Billy.

Ken told his family: “Out there we’re a united front.”

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But his words did little to hush Adam, who is intent on revenge and Billy’s complete destruction.

At the end of the episode he stared at a picture of his mother and it was clear he wants revenge more than Peter ever did.