Coronation Street viewers unhappy with ‘ridiculous’ David Platt storyline

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David Platt’s new girlfriend has not been welcomed with open arms by Corrie fans.

In fact, ITV viewers have been screaming at their TV sets as David and Emma have been cosying up, while his ex-girlfriend Shona nurses her broken heart.

David’s new girlfriend Emma has not gone down well with fans (Credit: ITV)

Of course, we all know that David broke up with Shona because of his recent sexual assault ordeal and his inability to open up about it.

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And Emma is a distraction who barely gives him time to think about what rapist Joss did to him.

But, perhaps proving how much they care about the character of David, Coronation Street viewers are annoyed with the storyline – and just want him back with Shona where he belongs.

One fan blasted: “How ridiculous is this David new Emma girlfriend saga? Very very stupid.”

Another added: “This behaviour is insane even by David Platt’s standards. Just get Shona back.”

A third wrote: “No offence to Emma,but David belongs with Shona. She was his ultimate therapy.”

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However, one optimistic Twitter user predicted: “Emma may be annoying but I reckon she’s the one who’s going to get David to open up about his ordeal. She knows something’s wrong.”

Meanwhile, fans showed their love for Shona as she united with Adam to bring Tracy Barlow down a peg or two.

Tracy had kicked Billy out of her rental flat after finding out about his heroin addiction but, when Adam discovered she’d been fiddling the books at the florist, he blackmailed her into taking Billy back…

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