Coronation Street viewers turn on Chesney following devastating wedding twist

Fans didn't see this coming

Coronation Street viewers were given quite the surprise on Friday night as Chesney Brown ditched fiancee Sinead Tinker at the altar.

While the wedding in Friday night’s episode was expected to be gatecrashed by the bride’s ex-boyfriend, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), it actually was Chesney, played by Sean Aston, who opted to pull out during the nuptials.

He told Sinead (Katie McGlynn): “I can’t do this. We rushed it. He’s not ready,” referring to his son, Joseph.

Chesney added: “I’m so sorry. This is all a mistake,” before explaining to Sinead he thought she was too good for him and would eventually leave.

His jilting came moments after Daniel had decided not to crash the wedding, offering an interesting twist to the double episode.

Fans were left shocked, although many were happy as it left Sinead free to reunite with her former lover.

@EmisonKana posted on Twitter: “Chesney wtf. Get a damn grip the kids not got a problem with sinead its just u. Ur an idiot.”

@Raquelquefois tweeted: “So glad Sinead didn’t marry Chesney….would be far better off with Daniel!”

@CasparPie wrote: “Let’s face it if you had a choice between marrying Chesney or Daniel you’d choose Daniel, every single time.”

@WiniBoansi posted: “Chesney has got a point. Sinead doesn’t love him. Sinead loves Daniel. I just hope her and Daniel sort things out.”

Corrie returns Monday.

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