Coronation Street viewers heartbroken as tragedy hits hen do

This could be even more heartbreaking than Hayley

Corrie fans were beside themselves last night as Rita collapsed in the Rovers.

Viewers have been worried about her welfare for weeks, as she’s grown increasingly forgetful, discombobulated and distressed.

There have been concerns that she is suffering from dementia – and reports that she has a brain tumour.

Fans have been concerned for Rita (Credit: ITV)

Rita herself is obviously anxious about the changes occurring within her that she can’t understand, but she’s been trying to hide it from loved ones.

But she won’t be able to keep her fears to herself now, as everyone is frantic following her collapse.

This terrifying moment came as Rita argued with her pal Gemma, who was trying to explain her suspicions about dementia, as Rita had written out four cheques for Jenny’s hen-do meal.

Gemma’s mention of her forgetfulness didn’t go well (Credit: ITV)

Rita snapped: “No I didn’t, you’re messing with my head.

“You’re tying to catch me out, you’re trying to make out that I’m dotty and I’m not.”

As Rita then walked off she suddenly collapsed and horrified Jenny rushed to her.

Rita is scared about what’s happening (Credit: ITV)

The Kabin owner was rushed to hospital and was clearly frightened and confused as she was told she’d need to undergo tests.

Barbara Knox’s portrayal of the normally tough as old boots Rita being so vulnerable and fragile had fans expressing their upset on Twitter.

This is already shaping up to be Corrie’s most devastating plot in years. Group hug, anyone?

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