Coronation Street viewers declare soap is back on track after Cathy’s epic comedy turn

Old-school Corrie - and fans loved it!

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Cathy brought some much-needed light to last night’s Coronation Street shade, which saw Peter beginning his revenge plot against Billy.

Brian was back from his expedition with Roy and presented his beloved with some mushrooms that he’d scavenged (and they say romance is dead, eh?).

Unfortunately, he realised too late in the day that the fungi he’d given to Cathy were actually magic – or, more to the point, hallucinogenic.

Brian realises he’s made a boob (Credit: ITV)

As he rushed round to check on her at the Nazirs’, it was immediately clear the mushies had been ingested.

Cathy ambled down the stairs with a 1000-yard stare and, as Brian asked after her well-being, she replied slowly and vacantly: “I have seen things. I am going back now.”

Cathy looked wild-eyed and dishevelled (Credit: ITV)

With that she dropped to the floor and crawled back up the stairs.

Yasmeen admitted that she’d assumed Cathy had been drunk the previous night, as she fixated on the front cover of her Blue Planet DVD!

Yasmeen admits Cathy’s behaviour has been bizarre (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were in stitches…

Another viewer said: “Brian accidentally spiking Cathy with magic mushrooms is the best thing I’ve seen on TV in a while.” [sic]

A third added: “Kathy on Magic Mushrooms is the best thing i’ve seen all day 😂#corrie” [sic]

Let’s hope there is plenty more of this to balance the Christmas Day episode which will see Billy’s life hang in the balance as Peter decides how far he will go to avenge his twin sister Susan’s death.

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