Coronation Street viewers applaud as cobbles fave blasts Piers Morgan

She echoes the opinion of many

Coronation Street’s been pretty dark recently, with killer Phelan striking again. But there was a rare moment of light relief in last night’s episode when Eileen Grimshaw declared her dislike of a real-life TV presenter.

As Eileen got ready for work in the morning, Phelan was thumping about in the back yard – getting rid of the evidence from his latest murderous escapade.

Cross about the noise, Eileen sighed.

“I get enough of a headache from Piers Morgan,” she whinged to Seb.

Eileen said Piers gives her a headache (Credit: ITV)

It was a welcome moment of humour in a really dark episode that saw jumpy Seb work out that Phelan murdered Luke, and the penny finally (FINALLY!) drop for gullible Eileen.

Eileen was annoyed about the noise Phelan was making in the back yard (Credit: ITV)

And the viewers loved it!

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“Ha, even Eileen isn’t a @piersmorgan morning fan,” said one viewer. “You are not the first,” said another, drily.

And Eileen got a lot of love for admitting her feelings about the GMB presenter.

“Eileen is an icon,” said one. While another invented a hashtag especially for the moment, writing: “#eileenisaledge”

And one viewer even dropped Eileen in it with the man himself, tweeting Piers to let him know.

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“Eileen Grimshaw has just said on #Corrie that you give her a headache,” the fan wrote.

“She did??” said Piers.

We hate to break it to you, Piers, but we’re all on Eileen’s side!

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