Coronation Street to tackle new domestic violence storyline?

This'll be the last straw!

Pat Phelan is quickly losing the plot as he tries to cover his tracks, keep his hostage quiet, bring old co-conspirator Vinny back to the UK, and silence Daniel Osbourne who’s on a mission to expose his Calcutta Street scam.

Chances are, with his nerves so frazzled, the person he’s going to take it out on is the one closest to him – and that would be wife, Eileen Phelan.

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And she’s been seen sporting a nasty black eye and cut above her forehead while filming Christmas scenes on location. Has Phelan lashed out at her?

We know he’s no stranger to violence, he’s lashed out plenty of times before, but is Eileen really in danger from her husband?

Eileen was spotted filming carol concert scenes alongside son, Todd Grimshaw, and his business partner Adam Barlow.

But Eileen looks subdued and upset as she heads out with the boys – is Pat still in the picture?

Of course, there could be an entirely innocent explanation for her injury, but when you’re married to Pat Phelan, it wouldn’t be too much of a jump to assume he’s behind her pain. But is she still in danger?

We know the bald builder is about as close to the edge as you can get and he’s soon going to start stalking daughter Nicola after discovering she’s pregnant with Gary Windass’s baby.

After yelling at her to “get out of his face” in the recent Corrie autumn trailer, Pat will want to make amends, but his ways of going about doing so aren’t exactly conventional when he follows her home.

He watches her from afar, which is all a bit sinister and creepy.

Elsewhere, Phelan’s also having trouble with Anna Windass who is on to him. More on location filming pics have shown Anna hiding in the bushes before asking schoolchildren for help and making a panicked phone call.

Phelan wants her brought down and will go to any lengths to do so. We know he’s going to get his hands on a gun, is it to use on Anna?

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Or will he make her his next hostage in the basement?

Anna’s departure is looming – will it be because of Phelan? Does he kill her? Will she end up locked in the basement forever? Or will she have to go on the run to escape these other fates?

Phelan’s also trying to lure old mate Vinny – or Harvey as we now know he’s called – out of hiding abroad. On Friday he was seen telling his former friend to return to the country or else his mum would get hurt.

We all know Phelan won’t be afraid to follow through on this threat, but does Eileen get in the way and end up being the one who gets hurt?

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