Coronation Street teases FIVE characters as Phelan’s next murder victim

An explosive autumn trailer has suggested he just might have murder in mind

Coronation Street has got us all excited for the autumn months by dropping a huge new trailer today, full of spoilers, plots and clips that we just can’t stop watching.

And it looks like the Phelan storyline is set to be every bit as gripping as they promised it would be when the list of his enemies just grows and grows and things start to come to a head with the builder arming himself with a gun.

But who will he shoot?

It all begins with his feud with Anna Windass reigniting.

Anna and Phelan are sworn enemies (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

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Anna’s trying to help Seb Franklin after finding out about his home life, but when Seb tells her to stay out of it, she slaps him.

Seb’s then seen falling off a ladder and as he lies unconscious in hospital, Phelan hangs over him saying: “She pushed you off that ladder. Anna Windass wants you dead.”

Phelan wants to plant false thoughts into Seb’s head (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

Hang on, we didn’t see anyone push him, so it looks like Pat’s decided it’s time to get rid of Anna by stepping up his vendetta against him.

His next enemy seems to be Daniel Barlow – why, we have no idea – but the bullying baldy says to Ken’s son: “You continue to poke your nose into my business, I will hurt you.”

Phelan vs Daniel – who will win? (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

Given that Daniel pushed his own dad down the stairs, is Phelan messing with the wrong bloke this time?

Next up is Andy Carver. We already know that Andy isn’t keen on Pat, given the latter has been holding him hostage in a dingy basement for nine months. But he has a proposal for his captor telling him he’d get his “guaranteed silence forever and I get my life back.”

Is Andy finally going to escape – or die? (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

We’re back to Anna then who has had enough of her tormentor and runs at him with a hammer.

“You can go to hell,” she tells him.

“After you,” he replies.

Anna hates him with a passion (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

As if that’s not enough of a roll call of names, he then turns his attentions to Anna’s son, Gary Windass – who’s been hooking up with his daughter, Nicola Rubenstein.

Rumours have already suggested Gary’s going to get Nicola pregnant and she’ll consider an abortion, something Phelan’s not happy about.

Is that why Phelan’s shouting at her in the next clip? “Get out of my face,” he rages and then she’s seen in tears.

So it really is falling apart when he can’t even keep his family on side.

“Get out of my face” Phelan tells his daughter (Credit: ITV)

The next thing we see, Phelan has a gun and is looking menacing. After a close-up of each victim, we see Pat on a rainy, dark night, looking down over something – or someone.

Has he killed one of them? It would certainly seem that he’s finally become the murderer we believed him to be – but who has he done away with? Anna, Gary, Andy, Nicola, or Daniel?

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Even Phelan doesn’t look happy about whatever it is he’s done (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

Anna is the most likely candidate, given that we know actress Debbie Rush has quit the cobbles after nine years in the role.

Is it set to be a very dark end for Anna? And how will Phelan ever find redemption if he does turn killer?

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