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Coronation Street SPOILER: Toyah turns the tables on blackmailer Simon

Has she kept her baby secret hidden?

Next week’s Coronation Street finally sees blackmailing Simon Barlow bought down a peg or two when Toyah finds a way to double cross him.

After Simon overheard Eva and Toyah secretly discussing their baby surrogacy plan last week, it seemed that the teen had Toyah over a barrel as he started blackmailing her.

Toyah is fuming when she finds Simon skiving from school (Credit: ITV)

As time goes on, Toyah starts to wonder exactly how much Simon actually heard of the conversation – but desperate to keep her baby lie hidden, the landlady’s taking no chances and finds herself starting to be blackmailed.

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She even kept quiet about the £20 that Simon stole for her, because she didn’t want him to tell Peter her huge secret.

Simon has been blackmailing Toyah (Credit: ITV)

But next week sees a shift in Simon’s blackmail game when Toyah finally outwits the bullying teen.

When Toyah catches Simon in the back room of the Rovers with his unsavoury friend Tyler, she quickly realises that he is skiving off school.

How will Simon react to being double crossed? (Credit: ITV)

But Simon isn’t bothered about being caught out and shamelessly tells Toyah that he will tell his dad everything if she blabs.

Unfortunately for Simon, Toyah’s had enough of being told what to do by a teenager and she comes up with a plan to get one up on him.

Toyah is one step ahead of Simon and lies to Peter that she is the one who paid for Eva to go to America for her beauty course – but of course viewers will know that she is totally bluffing and that her big secret is far more deceptive.

Toyah and Eva’s baby secret is safe… for now! (Credit: ITV)

It soon becomes clear that Simon didn’t hear as much of the conversation between Eva and Toyah as he was letting on, as he now has nothing over the landlady thinking she has ‘confessed’.

With Peter now up to date on his son’s bad behaviour, he quickly grounds him.

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But as Toyah begs the teenager not to be lured in by Tyler and his bad influences, but with Simon’s nose now firmly out of joint, is he going to listen?

So with Simon non the wiser and Toyah and Eva’s secret safe for now, how much longer will the pair be able to keep up their baby lie?

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