Coronation Street SPOILER: Michelle catches her stalker out

But how does the truth about creepy Will come out?

There’s trouble on the cobbles when Michelle Connor finally figures out who has been tormenting her and boyfriend, Robert Preston, for the past few months.

Looks like Michelle could be in danger again (Credit: ITV)

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The couple hatch a plan together to pretend they’ve split, after figuring out that it isn’t Robert’s old friend, Rich, behind the reign of terror after all.

When they come to the conclusion that it’s not a vendetta, they realise someone must be trying to drive them apart – but who?

Of course, we all know it’s her creepy former flame Will Chatterton. And he’s about to give his game – which has been very expertly played – away all by himself.

When Michelle heads into the Bistro and tearfully announces that she had Robert have split up, Will’s utter joy is hard not to spot.

Michelle and Robert pretend to split up (Credit: ITV)

Is it his delight in her misery that gives him away?

Kym Marsh,  who plays Michelle, told SoapLife that Will being the man behind her suffering comes as a total shock.

She said: “He’s not even on her radar and she hasn’t seen any weirdness in him up till now. He’s dating Maria Connor and everything, as far as Michelle is aware, seems to be going well between them.

So it doesn’t really register with her at all. She treats him as an old friend and she’s grateful he seems kind and supportive, and that he’s there for her.”

Kym goes on to say that her alter-ego will soon realise how dark and twisted Will really is.

She added: “Eventually something happens, which is going to terrify her! It’s very soon after the fake split with Robert that Michelle realises something sinister is going on with Will. She’s really creeped out and horrified.”

Over the last few months Will has planted drugs in the restaurant and called the police, he’s vandalised the Bistro and even went as far as secretly drugging Michelle and stuffing her in the boot of a car.

Will was behind the drugs found in the Bistro kitchen (Credit: ITV)

Things finally come to a head when Will realises that Michelle hasn’t been completely upfront with him, and lets his mask slip.

Kym said: “Basically, he discovers she’s not been totally honest about things with him. But then Michelle makes a discovery of her own, which implicates Will massively and she suddenly has this ‘Aaargh!’ moment.

“It’s very dramatic and she’s desperate for help.”

Is Michelle in danger from Will again? (Credit: ITV)

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It sounds like Michelle could be in even more danger from her unhinged ex. Will anyone realise that Will isn’t as squeaky clean as he looks?