Coronation Street SPOILER: Michelle arrested for drugs?

What does Will's next move mean for the Bistro?

You’ve got to feel for Michelle Connor after the year she’s had. And it’s not about to get easier anytime soon, with creepy Will still on the scene – more determined than ever to split her and Robert up.

‘Chelle’s not happy when she finds drugs in the Bistro (Credit: ITV)

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The feisty lass is dealt a fresh crisis this week when the police turn up at the Bistro after receiving a tip-off that drugs are being stored on the premises.

Well, no worries there because it’s clearly not true right? Will is already one step ahead and has planted a bag of dodgy looking pills in the kitchen.

Let’s just say, they ain’t paracetamol.

Will is, of course, the one behind the raid and he’s more determined then ever to destroy Robert and the business he shares with Michelle.

The sneaky snake invites an unaware Maria to the Bistro for lunch, and moments later makes an anonymous call to the cops to report drugs.

Will is having lunch with Maria when the cops swoop (Credit: ITV)

Luckily, kind of, ‘Chelle and Kate find the pills Will planted moments before the cops arrive.

Kate and Daniel try to stall the police, who arrive fully with sniffer dogs and everything, while Michelle attempts to dispose of the pills.

Will, who is sat down with Maria, can only watch on with glee.

Once the police leave, content that nothing dodgy is going on in the Bistro, Michelle lets rip. She’s furious and wastes no time tracking down Rich, who she thinks is behind the drug raid.

When she arrives at Rich’s – flanked by Maria and Kate – Rich (who’s actually the innocent party in all of this) tries to make Michelle see she’s fingering the wrong man.

Michelle confronts Rich – but he’s not her man (Credit ITV)

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Will she be able to believe him? And is Will’s house of cards about to come toppling down?