Coronation Street SPOILER: Eva’s PREGNANT but who’s the daddy?

Both Adam and Aidan are in the running...

Eva Price’s world is turned upside down when she discovers she’s pregnant – but the mum-to-be is set to be dealt yet another hefty blow when she goes for her dating scan…

Just months after faking a pregnancy as revenge against cheating fiancé Aidan Connor, Eva has found herself in the family way – just weeks after starting up a new romance with Adam Barlow.

Eva tells Shona that she’s not been feeling well for a few weeks (Credit: ITV)

After confiding in Shona Ramsey that she’s not felt herself for a while, Eva’s stunned when the pair Google her symptoms and quickly realise that she could be having a baby.

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Realising that she needs to take a test, Shona subtly buys one for her friend and Eva’s in shock when it comes out positive.

Eva’s stunned when she discovers she’s pregnant (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

Assuming that Adam must be the baby’s father, Eva heads off for a dating scan, just to be sure all is well with the little one.

But she’s in for another bombshell when the sonographer reveals she’s actually 17 weeks pregnant already!

With her wedding to Aidan taking place last September (that’s about 17 weeks ago FYI), could this mean she actually WAS pregnant when she made up her baby lies to teach cheating Mr Connor a lesson?

Last summer Maria chose Eva and Aidan’s wedding day to reveal the baby was a lie (Credit: ITV)

With Aidan and Eva sleeping together the night before their nuptials, was that the night the baby was conceived?

It’s looking highly likely that Aidan is the baby daddy – meaning Eva has got some serious thinking to do.

Not only will she have to think about whether she is ready to be a mum, she’s also going to have to think of a way to break the news to Aidan that they are going to have a baby together after all!

If Eva’s having Aidan’s baby, where does this leave Adam? (Credit: ITV)

One thing is for sure – she’s not going to be able to keep the baby a secret forever. These things have a habit of, er, coming out.

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Fans are likely to be thrilled with the news that Aidan could be the dad – potentially bringing Eva and her ex back together.

Could a reunion between Aidan and Eva be on the cards? (Credit: ITV)

With both Catherine Tyldesley and Shayne Ward leaving the show this summer, could the pair be driving off into the sunset for a new start as a family? And where does that leave poor old Adam?

Watch Eva’s surprise pregnancy on Monday 15th January, 8.30, ITV.