Coronation Street SPOILER: Eva’s birth drama!

Will she give her baby to Toyah like they'd planned?

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Sneaky Simon Barlow has been causing Toyah and Eva all sorts of bother since he overheard them talking about their baby plan.

Toyah’s tried to put him off the scent and he doesn’t know ALL the facts (thank goodness) but tonight the suspicious school boy gets even more curious.

But when his latest criminal act puts Eva – and her baby – in danger, will Toyah ever forgive him?

Toyah panics when Simon steals her car (Credit: ITV)

Toyah’s been FaceTiming Eva and seeing she looks ill, says she’ll come and visit at the cottage.

But she panics when she can’t find her car keys – because sulky Si has nicked them. And the car.

When Simon comes home, he reveals that he’s found paperwork for the cottage in the car. Toyah lies that it’s for a surprise for Peter – and that Simon shouldn’t tell him.

Simon is the worst! (Credit: ITV)

But Leanne’s suspicious when her sister covers for Simon. Is Toyah about to give the game away.

Meanwhile, back at the cottage, Eva’s managed to get herself locked in the bathroom, without her phone – and she’s in labour!

When Toyah arrives, she’s horrified to hear Eva’s screams coming from the bathroom.

Toyah’s horrified to hear Eva screaming (Credit: ITV)

Like a superhero, Toyah breaks into the bathroom, and calls 999! The operator talks her through what to do, and Eva gives birth to her little girl in the cottage bathroom, with Toyah at her side.

Toyah helps deliver the baby (Credit: ITV)

Having avoided cuddling her daughter so far, when she gets to the hospital, Eva’s left alone with her baby and she’s forced to pick her up.

Eva didn’t want to cuddle the baby (Credit: ITV)

She stares down at her little face in awe.

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Is Eva regretting her deal? And will Simon regret playing up this time?

Will this recent event jolt Simon back into sensibility? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix!

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