Coronation Street SPOILER: David’s kids pay the price for his rage

The future looks bleak for poor Mr Platt

Since his horrific sexual assault at the hands of former friend Josh Tucker, David Platt’s been a man on the edge.

He’s pushed away his friends and family, battered Gary Windass in the boxing ring, broken up with lovely Shona, and now he’s started a new romance with the salon’s (very young!) assistant, Emma.

Needless to say, no one in David’s life is very impressed about David’s new relationship but most people are too scared to tell him what they think – worried he’ll lash out again.

Josh winds David up about Emma (Credit: ITV)

But Shona’s got nothing to lose, so next week, she marches over to her ex and confronts him about what exactly he thinks he’s playing at.

Shona and David have split up, and Shona’s letting it go (Credit: ITV)

David’s got nothing to say for himself, but his confrontation with Shona leaves him feeling frazzled – and that’s never good when it comes to Mr Platt!

Josh is enjoying tormenting David (Credit: ITV)

Later, evil Josh winds David up about Emma too, leaving him in a right old state.

And it’s poor Max and Lily who pay the price for their dad’s bad mood when he loses his temper with them.

The kids are already upset about his break-up with Shona, and missing her badly. So, when David shouts at the kids, taking out his anger on them, they’re both in bits.

Max and Lily are already upset about David’s break-up with Shona (Credit: ITV)

And they’re not the only ones to be shocked by David’s rage – new girlfriend Emma is shocked by her fella’s temper (you’re going to have to get used to that, love!).

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Later, David’s got even more to worry about when he has a meeting with his solicitor, Imran, about the charges he’s facing for beating up Gary at the boxing match.

David is facing jail for beating up Gary (Credit: ITV)

Imran says that it’s best if  David pleads guilty in court – leaving Mr Platt horrified to realise he could be going to jail.

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