Coronation Street SPOILER: David launches a vicious attack as his rage finally explodes

Will Gary survive, or could David be facing a murder charge?

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There’s big excitement in Weatherfield as the day of the boxing match organised by Josh in memory of Luke finally dawns.

Tyrone’s disappointed when Fiz manages to get a last-minute appointment for Hope, and he’s forced to pull out of his fight.

Seeing an opportunity to release some of his pent-up aggression, David begs to be allowed to take Ty’s place – but Josh dismisses his request because of his epilepsy.

As the match gets underway, things start off well, but they take a dark turn when David forces his way into the ring instead of Tyrone.

David forces his way into the ring (Credit: ITV)

He starts to fight Gary, and as the boxing begins, weeks of unreleased tension suddenly gets unleashed and David loses control.

David loses control (Credit: ITV)

The crowd watches in horror as a crazed David rains blows down on Gary and knocks him out cold!

The crowd watches in horror as he attacks Gary (Credit: ITV)

Has he gone too far?

It seems so, as Gary is rushed to hospital in an ambulance and a terrified Sarah screams that she will never forgive David for what he’s done.

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At hospital, the doctors tell Sarah that Gary’s got a bleed on his brain and the next 24 hours will be crucial.

Will Gary survive?

Gary is in a bad way (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, back on the cobbles, the police arrive. David is arrested and questioned about the attack and his motive.

With Gary in a critical condition, could David be facing a murder charge?

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