Coronation Street SPOILER: Craig confesses his feelings to Bethany

How will she react though?

It’s no secret that lovable Craig Tinker has fallen head over heels for his best friend and neighbour, Bethany Platt, since helping her through her ordeal at the hands of evil Nathan Curtis.

While Bethany came to terms with what had happened to her, she turned to Craig for support and it didn’t take long for his feelings to blossom into love.

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But knowing that his bestie has been through one heck of a trauma recently, Craig’s kept his feelings to himself.

Next week however, he’s given a boost when Bethany invites him over to her place for pizza.

Excited and keen to impress, Craig dresses up in his best shirt, hoping that he’s really in with a chance with the pretty blonde.

Craig bravely summons all his courage and manages to tell Bethany how he feels – but sadly her reaction isn’t quite what he was hoping for.

Later in the week, both Audrey and David point out to Bethany what a great lad he is though, and it gives the troubled teen some food for thought.

Could this be the beginning of the Craig and Bethany romance that Corrie boss Kate Oates recently teased?

Kate told Radio Times: “In news that should gladden the heart of even the most Scrooge-like curmudgeon – Bethany will embark on a tentative romance with Craig. Glad tidings indeed!”

Colson Smith, who plays lovelorn Craig, revealed: “Craig has looked after Bethany and he’s always been there for her. She hasn’t been very nice to him at times, but he’s overlooked that because he’s so mad and crazy for her.

“Craig would be a good boyfriend to Bethany but I am not sure how Bethany would be to Craig.

“I think the viewers would be really happy if Craig and Bethany got together.

“It’s been a thing that people have been asking for and it’s two characters that work well together, so people enjoy seeing them together on screen.

“People have sent messages to Lucy (Fallon, who plays Bethany) and I saying that they want Craig and Bethany to get together.”

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There might be a spanner ready to be thrown in the works though as we know Bethany is about to embark on a secret career as a lapdancer.

Somehow, we can’t imagine Craig being very onboard with that.

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