Coronation Street SPOILER: Connor McIntrye hints at Phelan’s next victim

He says it might not be who you expect...

Ever since Pat Phelan was ‘resurrected’ on Easter Monday, Coronation Street fans have been speculating about his return to Weatherfield.

And, even more so, who he’ll kill or try to kill next.

Does Pat Phelan have a hit list or will any dead body do? (Credit: ITV)

This time, we’re told, it really will be Pat Phelan’s exit – and it’s about time the murdering psychovillain got his comeuppance!

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In a new interview, actor Connor McIntyre has revealed some tantalising details about his forthcoming storylines and even hinted at who Pat targets.

He tells that Pat’s next victim might not necessarily be who you’d expect.

Coronation Street's Pat Phelan issues chilling threat to kill Steve McDonald
Pat delivers a chilling threat to Steve McDonald (Credit: ITV)

When asked about his climactic ending, which is just around the corner, he teased: “Let’s just say this – he soon comes to the conclusion after Whitehaven that he has got very little left to lose.

“Bearing in mind his mindset, it’s true to say that everybody, even the people you wouldn’t expect, need to watch out. At some point or other, he is going to want to come back and put things straight.”

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Admitting he’ll miss the soap, he admitted it was time to leave, insisting: “A man should always know when to leave the party and it’s Phelan’s time.

“It is tinged with sadness because I have met some incredible people – it’s been such a pleasure here. But the timing is right and the viewers deserve to see the culmination of what has been cooking for five years.”

Going on to talk about his fanbase, he said: “Even the guys that really want to see the end of Phelan, I count them as fans. Phelan is a dangerous, evil narcissist so he’s got to get his comeuppance – soap law demands them.

“These fans who want to see him get his dues, they’ve stayed with him, they have engaged with it even if they have been saying they hate the character. Fairly soon, Phelan will get his just desserts!”

Pat Phelan has murdered three Corrie residents – that we know of – and left another to die of a heart attack without helping him.

William Bookmakers predict Gary Windass will be the unlucky Corrie resident…

But ITV viewers will have to wait a little bit longer to discover what will happen next – and we CANNOT wait!

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