Coronation Street SPOILER: Another resident is dragged into race row

Alya's already been targeted

Another Corrie character is about to be dragged into the race storyline that will kick off with Alya Nazir and Aidan Connor later this month, when she meets the Parker brothers.

We’ve previously reported that Alya is stunned when, during a business meeting, the brothers – Justin and Dale – make derogatory remarks about her religion.

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Alya decides to rise above their vile comments as she knows Aidan and the factory are desperately relying on them to get the business up and running again.

But it’s a very different story when the brothers call in at the garage with a flat tyre, and start aiming their racist remarks at Luke Britton.

The Parker brothers target Luke (Credit: ITV)

Fiery Luke lashes out angrily at the pair and ends up getting hauled in by the police for questioning.

The mechanic admits that he did get violent with them, but only when they provoked him with a string of offensive comments.

Luke’s admission means he gets charged with assault and things get even worse for him later when the garage is targeted in a mystery break-in.

Could the Parker brothers be behind it?

Luke lashes out at the brothers (Credit: ITV)

Alya and Luke are convinced they are, and they’re even more sure when Alya starts receiving racist hate mail.

Imran Habeeb, Rana’s laywer brother, is luckily on hand to tell the couple that the hate mail is important evidence for Luke’s case as it shows them being targeted.

But will the real villains pay the price or will Luke end up with a conviction?

As reported earlier, the brother arrive in Weatherfield later this month and seem ready to give Underworld a new lease of life with an investment.

The brothers’ racism stuns Alya (Credit: ITV)

Aidan has already met with them, but the brothers said they weren’t interested in meeting his business partner, Alya.

Alya assumes the brother are sexist and don’t agree with women in business so she is shocked when they say vile things about Islam to her face – and then laugh it off.

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She stays quiet for the sake of the business but will Luke’s arrest and the hate mail change her mind?