Coronation Street spoiler: Anna Windass facing jail when there’s a cruel twist at her trial

Things are looking bleak for poor Anna

Anna Windass goes on trial at the end of this week, accused of GBH after Phelan framed her for pushing Seb off a ladder.

And if things look bleak for Anna after Phelan takes the stand and delivers some pretty damning evidence, then it’s nothing compared with how they look after the rest of the witnesses have spoken.

First up on the witness stand when the trial starts on Friday is Phelan – but Anna’s expecting him to be brutal in his evidence so it’s no surprise when he does exactly as she thought.

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But as the trial continues on Monday, Anna’s hopeful when it’s her friend and boss Roy’s turn to give evidence – surely he will tell the truth about what a nice person she is?

Roy gives his former employee a glowing character reference – but then is forced to admit he saw her attack Seb shortly before Seb fell from the ladder.

Phelan’s testimony is exactly as Anna expected (Credit: ITV)

And then there’s another cruel twist of fate that leads Anna to worry she’s going to be sent to prison.

Eileen is working at the cab office when she sees some CCTV footage of Tim and Gary seemingly threatening Seb outside – they’re actually imploring him to tell the truth about Phelan.

Tim and Gary put pressure on Seb (Credit: ITV)

When Tim’s called as a witness in the trial, he admits that he and Gary pressured Seb into changing his story.

Tim has to admit putting pressure on Seb (Credit: ITV)

Poor Anna’s distraught realising Tim’s evidence makes her look like she has something to hide.

Will Anna be sent to prison? (Credit: ITV)

As the jury retires to consider its verdict, Phelan’s looking smug thinking he’s got Anna jailed and that he’s won their battle of wills.

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But when the verdict is revealed is it Anna who’s devastated – or her arch-enemy?

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