Coronation Street SPOILER: Anna gets a shock when she visits Seb

She discovers the secret he's been hiding from Faye

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It’s no secret that Anna Windass isn’t exactly a founding member of the fan club for her daughter’s boyfriend, Seb Franklin.

Anna is shocked at how Seb is living (Credit: ITV)

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Since the teens started dating, she’s barely been able to hide her disapproval of the relationship.

But, when Anna visits Seb at home on Monday, she’s shocked to find the tragic secret behind the youngster’s home life. Could this explain why Seb is such an troubled young man?

We’re all old enough to know that, on soaps at least, a youngster is rarely so troubled without there being a good reason for it.

We’ve began to see clues over the past few weeks that Seb isn’t simply just a wrong’un out to Faye around, especially as he’s been seen with some particularly nasty looking bruises.

Anna, who has legit cause for concern considering Faye’s underage pregnancy and Seb’s time in the young offenders’ unit, warns her daughter – AGAIN – to keep away from him.

But when Faye tries to flee Weatherfield with her boyfriend, and he refuses and leaves her, Anna finds him in a lay-by, where he begs her to take him home.

Seb refuses to leave with Faye (Credit: ITV)

Anna hasn’t seen this panicked and vulnerable side to Seb before and, when she sees his home, she’s horrified to see that he and his little brother and sister are living in squalor.

It also becomes apparent that there’s little adult supervision and Seb is doing the majority of the parental duties for his younger siblings.

Anna is deeply worried about the conditions Seb and the little ones are living in, and he desperately pleads with her not to tell anyone – especially Faye.

We know that Anna is a sucker for a lost soul so, despite her abrasive history with Seb, could she reach out a hand to help him?

Harry Visinoni, who plays Seb, has said: “Seb has other responsibilities that Faye doesn’t know about. So, although it would be his dream to run away Faye, he can’t. He’s torn.

“Seb is ashamed and embarrassed and he doesn’t want Faye to know. No one knows this secret and he wants to keep it that way.

Will Anna help the troubled teen? (Credit: ITV)

“Especially taking into consideration his relationship with Anna – she doesn’t like him, so that fuels anxiety for him.”

Harry added that he’s looking forward to seeing how viewers react to his character’s backstory: “His past and his home life definitely explain why he’s so aggressive to people and why he has this alpha-male complex.

“He’s has had to be the man of the house when he shouldn’t have to be.”

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Could this be the beginning of a thaw between Seb and Anna?