Coronation Street SPOILER: Andy’s bold new escape plan

Will this one actually work?

Coronation Street’s Andy Carver might have failed miserably at every single attempt he’s made to escape Pat Phelan’s clutches, but it looks like the cellar dweller isn’t giving up just yet.

He’s got a whole new plan to persuade Pat to let him go free, but will the bully boy builder go for it?

We found out Phelan had Andy hostage last month and we’ve watched him embarrass himself every time he tries to get away since.

But now he’s not going to attempt to do it behind Phelan’s back, he’s got a proposition for him.

Andy has a proposal for his captor (Credit: ITV)

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How he’s managed to use such brain power to come up with – what seems to us – to be a rather complicated plot, we don’t know, but nevertheless when Phelan arrives for a visit in the basement next week, Andy hits him with his idea.

Andy suggests that Phelan lets him go free so Andy can go an commit a crime.


Well, apparently, if Andy does something illegal, he’d be implicated by the police if he ever reported Pat so that would ensure Andy kept quiet about being held prisoner for nine months.

Pat seems about as convinced as we are (Credit: ITV)

We’re not all that sure we follow completely, but Pat seems to at least be considering the idea – it would mean his secret was safe, yet he wouldn’t have to resort to murder, something which he is clearly struggling to go through with.

But the situation is twisted and weird to say the least. Will Phelan really go for it?

Fans of the show are starting to get a bit fed up with the whole plot, so it really needs to move forward now.

Will Pat go for it? (Credit: ITV)

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Last week it seemed Phelan had decided that Andy was trustworthy enough to be set free. He was even kind enough to supply him with a new identity – Gavin – and some Euros.

The only condition was that he didn’t tell anyone about the nine months he’d spent as Phelan’s prisoner, and begin a new life in France.

But it turned out that Phelan had one sneaky little trick up his sleeve – this time in the shape of a fake van crash. Phelan accidentally-on-purpose drove his van into a tree.

Andy, who was tied up in the back, broke free and decided to chance his luck running away from an unconscious Phelan.

Andy was almost free after Phelan crashed (Credit: ITV)

Only, little did Andy know that Phelan was FAKING his injury, just to put Andy’s loyalty to the test once and for all.

And Andy came SO CLOSE to passing the test when he dialled an ambulance for ‘injured’ Phelan. But when he realised that he was free, he decided to leg it instead.

Big mistake. Huge.

It was only a matter of time before Phelan found Andy, struggling to find his way through the woods and use his legs properly after nine months in a dark basement.

The deranged builder told Andy that he’d set him up, before knocking him out and dragging him back to his basement prison.

Fans took to Twitter and called for Andy to stop being such a wimp and just wallop Phelan once and for all. They pointed out that Andy is half Phelan’s age and could easily outrun or overpower him.

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